DYEGOO car gps tracker GT06 voice monitor vehicle gps locator


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GT06 is a Mini intelligent GPS Vehicle positioning terminal. It combines the GSM wireless communication technology and GPS positioning system technology,terminals using industrial-grade highly integrated design,intelligent power-saving and passive drift suppression,installation is simple,connect the power supply to start work immediately,wide inpute voltage range,wide applicable to all types of cars,motor cycles,electric cars,ships,etc., can provide all-weather,real-time vehicle positioning function,with global positioning service platform,you can achieve remote vehicle management.

1. Specification



2).GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP

3).Working Voltage:9-40V DC

4).Working current:22mA (12VDC)

5).Working current:12mA (24VDC)

6).GPS locating time:

Cold start:38s(Open sky)

Warm start:32s

Hot start:2s(Open sky)

7).GPS Precision:10m(2D RM)

8).Working temperature:-20Celsius~+70Celsius

9).Working humidity:20%~80%RH




DYEGOO car gps tracker GT06 voice monitor vehicle gps locator motorcycle auto tracking devices

Device feature


Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet.

Tracking app (IOS Andriod), platform, sms command all are available

Overview of the characteristics:

1.GPS position.

2.GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ.

3.With Shock sensor.

4.180Mah Battery inside, Power-Cut alarm.

5.Auto set APN.

6.Voltage 9-40V.

7.SOS alarm.

8.Voice Surveillance.

9.ACC alarm.

DYEGOO car gps tracker GT06 voice monitor vehicle gps locator motorcycle auto tracking devices


The platform free use for 1 year.

Real time tracking platform: www.dyegoo.net


demo account: demo2018


DYEGOO car gps tracker GT06 voice monitor vehicle gps locator motorcycle auto tracking devicesDYEGOO car gps tracker GT06 voice monitor vehicle gps locator motorcycle auto tracking devicesDYEGOO car gps tracker GT06 voice monitor vehicle gps locator motorcycle auto tracking devices


4.Wire defined

DYEGOO car gps tracker GT06 voice monitor vehicle gps locator motorcycle auto tracking devices


5.Device wiring

DYEGOO car gps tracker GT06 voice monitor vehicle gps locator motorcycle auto tracking devices


6. SMS Commands instruction

1)Administrator Number
Text command Parameter Sample
CENTER Add 710#number#








Command Description 1)Center number can control the oil and power and resume factory settings

2) Center number can receive the call and text of vibration alarm and over speeding alarm.

3) SIM must display the income call number to control oil and power.

4) Only one number can be center number.

5) Change center number must resend the command.

6)Add new center number by CETNER,A, and delete by CENTER,D

Command Feedback Successful Setting:Add admin account 1 OK!


2)View Administrator Number

Text command Parameter Sample
View 901# 901#
Command Description

This directive is used to view Device Manager number.

Command Feedback Successful Setting:Admin1:




3)Authorized Number Set

Text command Parameter


Authorized Add 101# number #

102# number #

103# number #




Authorized Del D11#






Command Description

1) Authorization number for SMS control oil.

2) only three numbers to set the authorization number

3) change the authorization number needs to delete the previous number

Command Feedback Successful Setting:Add Authorization account 1 OK!


4)View Authorized Number
Text command Parameter


View authorized



Command Description

This directive is used to view the equipment authorization number

Command Feedback Successful Setting:

Authorization 1:

Authorization 2:

Authorization 3:


5)APN Setting
Text command Parameter Sample
APN Setting APN#username#password] 1:APN#intenet#123#123#

2: APN#internet#

Command Description APN differs according to the local telecom operators.

For example:APN request password,please refer to Sample 1,and Sample 2 for no password.

Command Feedback Successful Setting:SET APN OK!


6)Set /ViewServer
Text command Parameter Sample
SERVER Parameter 803#SERVER # port# 803#
Command Description Change the IP and port when move to a new server


1 is domain and 0 is IP;

Command Feedback Successful Setting:set IP OK!


7)Moving Time Interval
Text command Parameter Sample
TIMEER Parameter setting 730#uploading interval# 730#20#
Command Description Time scope:0,10~60 seconds; 0,no data uploading;

10~60,means time interval;the default value is 15 seconds!

Command Feedback Successful Setting:SET TIMER OK!


8)Static Time Interval
Text command Parameter Sample
STATIC SUP# time interval# SUP#5#
Command Description Timescope:1~60 seconds;The device has

3D transmission and the default time interval are 5 minutes.

Command Feedback Successful Setting:SET STATIC TIME OK!


9)Cancel the continuous upload
Text command Parameter Sample


This command is used to cancel sending data to the platform

If need again to restore the upload , you need to send TIMEER Parameter setting.

Command Feedback SET OK!


Text command Parameter Sample
RELAYParameter1 222# 222#   cut off oil and power
RELAYParameter2 333# 333#  recover oil and power

Command Description

1)RELAY control the start and closeness of the relay

2) Only the center number can operate.

3)the device only cut off the oil circuit on the condition of the driving speed below 20KM/H or in static state.

4)When send the command, the device will reply “please waiting “When the vehicle speed is over 20KM/H, the device will cut off the oil or the power when the speed below 20KM/H.

Command Feedback

Successful Setting:Fuel cut has already been completed OK!


Text command Parameter Sample
GMT 801#location, time# 801#E8#
Command Description The default time zone is Beijing time. If time zone need revised, please operate according to the above command.
Command Feedback Successful Setting:Set time zone ok!


12)Vibration Sensitivity
Text command Parameter Sample
VIBRATION Parameter 123#2#,alarming way# 1) 123#2#3#
Set into vibration alarm time V123#2# 1) V123#2#

2) V123#1#

Cancel vibration alarm 456# 456#
Command Description the sensitivity  value of the vibration is from 1 to 5,1is the most sensitive and o is close. Alarming ways: 1, calling 2, texting, 3 calling and texting.

Must set the center number and receiving number.

Command Feedback set vibration alarm level,OK!


Text command Parameter Sample
SPEEDING Parameter SSA#120# alarming way# 1)SPEEDING,120,3#


Command Description The speed scope is form 60-220, if the speed is no this cope, the alarm is off.

Alarming :1, calling 2, texting, 3 calling and texting.

Must set the center number and receiving number.

Command Feedback Successful Setting:set speeding alarm,OK!


Text command Parameter Sample
RESET 930# 930#
Command Description Reset the device
Command Feedback Successful Setting:Reset system, ok!


Text command Parameter Sample
Parameter 940# 940#
Command Description Restore the factory setting

Only center number can initial this function

Factory setting will recover to the original setting

Command Feedback Successful Setting:FACTORY OK!


16)Language Setting
Text command Parameter Sample
LANG Parameter LANG1#




Command Description ;When check the location, it will reply the Chinese location in Chinese language setting; while reply the URL link when in English language setting.
Command Feedback Successful Setting:SET LANG OK!


Text command Parameter Sample
WHERE 988# 988#
Command Description Check the longitude and altitude  and other information of the device
Command Feedback Reply with longitude and altitude, speed and IMEL.


18)Google Link
Text command Parameter Sample
WHERE 666# 666#
Command Description Check the location link of Google map
Command Feedback maps.google.com/maps?q=N22.540885,E113.95265


Text command Parameter Sample
Command Description The command is to check the software version
Command Feedback VERSION:Xxxx

BUILD:2012-07-05 10:12


20)Param Check
Text command Parameter Sample
PARAM 886# 886#
Command Description The command is to check the settings and the default parameter.
Command Feedback IMEI:351190012535936

APN : cmnet

IP:IP and port

TIMER: moving uploading interval

STATIC: static uploading interval

CENTER: center number

LANG: language(CN/EN)

GMT: time zone (E/W8)


21)Status Check
Text command Parameter Sample
STATUS 902# 902#
Command Description The command is designed for checking the device’s working status.
Command Feedback External power:ON/OFF




Vibrate Warning:ON/OFF



22)Monitor (Voice Surveillance)
Text command Parameter Sample
Command Description Using Command Send this command to the tracker’s number, the tracker will call back to admin number.
Command Feedback  



During installation, there should be no power to the


1. Installing SIM card: pls insert a supporting 2G GSM

SIM card. The SIM card used should be enabled for GPRS.

1) Testing SIM card: to test SIM card, please install it into a

normal GSM mobile and ensure it can send and receive

SMS, and enables for GPRS.

2.Please connect the wire with car battery or power with DC12V output,and the max current of the power should>2A,for when searching signal,need more current.

3.Please put the tracker out of the room,and face to sky,should not be under metal cover,for GPS signal only can be received out of the room.


Your device will be auto online when you connect it rightly.


Login as ID(IMEI last 11bits)


Real time tracking platform:



1.www.dyegoo.net/app((Please click UK flag to change to english in advance when you are trying to download.)

2. Search DYEGOO in apple store.


For sms command feeddback, pls set center number firstly, then it will respond your sms command.


Admin account set:

Pls send the admin name and all the device IMEI numbers to me.

We will create the admin account for you.

Pls send sms to sim in the device to set your tel as the admin account:

710#your country code your mobile number#

example  Chinese set below:710#008613923792963#


When the admin account is created, you can create sub-account by yourself in the tracking platform and you can operate adding device in the sub-account.


When you create admin account successfully,

You can send sms 886# tocheck gsm and gps signal.

902# to check the device status.


Reminder and FAQ:

1. SIM card will consume about 30M per month.

2. For some Android mobile phone,it is needed to install

Google ServicesFramework.apk, if there no this APK,it can not

display google maps in APP.

Please search GoogleServicesFramework.apk by google and

install it first,then install DYEGOO Google maps app.

3.In production, IP,port have been writed in, normally the tracker

will be auto online, if the tracker offline, Please set APN by

sms command.

Please get APN from sim card inserted mobile operator.


APN set: (According to user manual,send SMS command)

Using your mobile to set APN firstly to activate the device

(you can get APN from the SIM card local network operator,call them to ask it.)


If you lost IP,port,please send below sms command to set them

back: Server,666666,1,gps.dyegoo.net,6100,0#



4. If GPS can not receive the signals normally, please

drive to the open areas for positioning. Generally, it needs 1-2

minutes to receive the first coordinates. If the data can not be

received after 2 3 minutes, please check the installation

position of the device, making sure it is not being shielded by

any metal.

5. If GSM can not receive the signals normally, please

check whether SIM card is installed correctly or there is no

GSM signal at the current location , such as a basement

parking, please drive to a place covered by GSM signal.

6. If the red LED does not work when power is connected,

check whether the fuse is blown. If so, please replace the fuse.

7. If the three LEDs do not turn on when power up, press

the down side key, if the three LEDs recover normally, the

device is working normally.

8. If you have enabled the web based tracking application,

and the device displays off-line on the platform, please check 3

LEDs status indicators first. You can check the status of the

SIM card when you are in an inconvenient situation. Please

refer to the following steps:

1)Call the device to check whether you can get through.

2)Check whether the SIM card supports GPRS and a local


3)Check the GSM/GPS reception area.

4)Check whether there is enough credit on the SIM card.

5)Check if the connector and terminal is loose or the fuse has

blown out.

Brand Name






Item Size

98 52 16.5 mm

Special Feature

Remote Control

GPS type

GPS Tracker

Model Name


Gps Module


Screen Size

No Screen

Battery Life

1 To 4 Hours


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